p s y c h o p o m p

A sci-fi feminist epic inspired by Vaporwave + gaming culture.

I’ll leave a light on for you, pure as sunlight.

Guided to the gateway to a digital underworld, CRYSTAL must enter a place of ghosts and archival bitrot in a quest to nd a cure for the destructive turn her universe has taken.

Constructed in sharp, cinematic chapters and entirely soundtracked with a cyberpunk, nostalgic synth score, PSYCHOPOMP is the typical heroic sci-fi quest, cut up and redistributed with a female protagonist. The performance combines art animation, hybrid performance text and movement for an all-female cast. Drawing on sci-fi , classic video games, the poetry of Sappho and interviews with women working in STEM and female/ LGBTQ+ gamers, PSYCHOPOMP dismantles the relationship between women and technology.

Any unsaved data will be lost >> it’s time for a full re-boot. 

Written + directed by Maisie Newman  //  Music + Sound by Rowan Evans

Presented by FEN, work-in-progress performances:

24th Jan, 9pm
Camden People’s Theatre for Calm Down Dear

31st Jan, 8.15pm Bristol Old Vic Ferment at The Loco Klub