The Last Verses of Beccán

A new poem and sound sequence. Bilingual poetry, field recording and sound composition explore medieval hermitage, sea-exile, ecology and language hybridity.  The project is an engagement with the 7th-century Gaelic poet Beccán mac Luigdech, a monk of Iona and a hermit on Rum, with field recordings made in the inner Hebrides.  

The Last Verses of Beccán is published by Guillemot Press, February 2019.

‘In wave-gnawed whispers remnants of Gaelic, of Latin, of Old English are heard, words that survive only in manuscripts, or have shifted meaning, fallen out of use … a concern for language, for memory and for relations of person to place.’ – Mark Leahy, Stride Magaizine. Read the full review here.

‘A rare enmeshing of substance and incidence, given open spaciousness and generosity of attention.’ – Chris Goode

A debut performance took place in October 2017  at ANATHEMA, Arnolfini Centre for Contemporary Arts; further performances took place at Poetry in Expanded Translation, Bangor University, April 2018 and at the Projectivisms Symposium, Cardiff University, May 2018.

Listening through headphones or quality speakers is recommended.


crossaing             wavestraig          wæbhestray

wild              regain             foam                 flagra